International Women's Football Team Defeated by Boys

[Feri Sulianta] Australia's national women's soccer team, who took part in the Olympics in Rio, suffered a landslide defeat in May 2016, 7-0 against the Newcastle Jets team of boys under the age of 15. And this is not the first time an Australian women's football team has been beaten, such as a game against the soccer team of Syndey boys under the age of 16.
Tim Matildas mengalami kekalahan mengejutkan 7-0 dari tim Newcastle Jets di bawah usia 15 tahun di Newcastle

Team Matildas suffered a shock 7-0 defeat of the Newcastle Jets team under the age of 15 at Newcastle
And this year also, exactly April 2017, a similar incident happened again, the US Women's World Cup winning team suffered a 5-2 defeat when competing with Dallas team, who are boys under the age of 15, as reported in the Daily Mail. As a result, this reap a lot of comments are quite fierce for example: The RickyTikiTavi account writes: "For this reason, giving women a role in the battlefield is a very bad idea!" The Keaw_Yead account, commenting: "this is not the fault of the women's team, it's about stopping wanting equal wages (with male footballers)" Gooftroop accounts, argue: "..but these women seem to consider themselves worthy of equal pay to men when there are boys who are clearly better than those who are not paid at all"
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