Does Patriarchy oppress women? This is the Fact!

[Feri Sulianta] In  closed interview, a researcher who examines social cases is asked one question, does the Patriarchi oppress the woman? Then the researcher said: "I should not use my feelings and be vulnerable just to make unilateral justification, and I can not make a statement of right and wrong on the basis of empathy.
The question you ask me, might be answered as 'Yes' if I just rely on feelings and win a hearth of certain groups who hail feminism and emancipation. If I use logic and think of other groups that is men, the condition could be reversed. "
 The researcher adds, if speaking emancipation and feminism, do not they say that women are as powerful and as powerful as men? If men can, why not women? Isn't it? Although we know that both are different. And furthermore, men and women have the same right of life, don't they? But imagine that whenever a major catastrophe occurs, or for instance the sinking of the Titanic, women and children are a priority to be saved, they find themselves aboard rescue ships while men should stay on a nearly drowned ship.
Sumber gambar: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/04/12/article-0-03E254650000044D-117_634x662.jpg
There is no culture other than patriarchal culture that positions men in such conditions, allowing their lives to be at stake by putting women first. As a result, according to a journal written in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than 70% of female passengers survived, and fewer than 20% of survivors.
In this case, I do not see that patriarchy oppresses women, the claim that patriarchy oppresses women is an unwarranted and selfish statement, for it is precisely this patriarchal culture that makes these men willing to sacrifice their lives for the survival of women. There is nothing more precious in this world for man than his life, is not it?
Source: Cracked Feminism - Rekonstruksi Sosial Terakhir. Feri Sulianta. Yogyakarta. Leutika. 2017.
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